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Now the gritty details! Three way bet: Neil-Alina-Alex… - High stakes, Close Quarters [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
High stakes, Close Quarters

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[Oct. 6th, 2006|05:38 am]
High stakes, Close Quarters


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Now the gritty details!

Three way bet: Neil-Alina-Alex
Neil- not to say 'fuck' (or any iteration therein) or give the finger to anybody. Must last at least 3 weeks.

short-term punishment- 15 minutes of nottaking
short-term gain- Alex makes him dinner (for 1 wk done)

Wager- Use of all P2P software for a duration of one (1) month.

Gain- Fully set-up and designed and implemented Meg date.
Alina- Go to every 8:30 class on time (one miss allowed) (edit miss used)

Wager- Use of all online dating sites, & all sex toys for the duration of one (1) month.

Gain- Neil and Alex as study whores for a project etc.
Alex- Go to rock climbing and swimming for at least 45 min tues/thurs ( allow one miss/week) (edit must include extra session/wk at any time) (edit must go to all classes, one miss/week allowed)

Wager- Use of all forms of electronic games for the duration of one (1) month.

Gain- Picking up 101.

If there is only one winner, 2 losers are made to do a full room-clean of optimal quality. Room clean does not include soiled garments or anything excessive-like.

If there are two winners, loser has either a "prank target" put on them, giving full and boundless rights to one prank upon that person without retribution, or one day of wearing a costume of choice.

[User Picture]From: stranger_daze
2006-10-14 06:36 am (UTC)
Well, it has been going on since...um, well five weeks before halloween. And now it's two weeks before halloween. So we kept it on alright til your manly man lost with his zeal for the word fuck, and alex lost by missing a class (wednesday). And then I lost, apparently, because, even thought I won, I had to keep with the bet until halloween or I would lose to. Except I hadn't known that, and in my excitement, I do the afore mentioned miss class etcetera. And Alex gave me the dirty truth that I had just made myself lose.


Since I didn't know I had been sabatoging myself, and that the game went on until halloween, despite the other players, and Alex missed his class because he was sick and took a nap before it that he never woke up from. And Neil had such a subconcious fondness for the f-word that he couldn't quite kick. Well, we're just thinking of keeping things going until halloween again, until we all godamn win or lose. Or whatever. But it just feels like a cheat to stop going with it now.

Ah yes, that was long. But perhaps interesting for you? When you get back, annnd I meet you, perhaps we'll drum up a wager of our own.

I just hate when things end!
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